New Christmas Windows: An Enchanted Forest…

Our magical new Christmas windows have just been installed!  Visual merchandiser, Marco, explains the inspiration behind them:

“The set is made with tarnished mirror panels, real birch tree trunks and bulb lights, and features birds, owls, moss and snow to bring that dreamy, enchanted forest feel alive.

“The concept was inspired by the fantasy lands of films such as The Neverending Story and The Chronicles of Narnia, with the idea that by walking through a magic mirror, you reach an enchanted forest where Smythson products wait to be picked up – and given as gifts.

“The light reflecting on the mirror panels creates a beautiful atmosphere, most of all at night-time, and the trees give an organic, warm feel. The garlands framing the windows reinforce the forest concept and at the same time create a cosy Christmas mood.”

What do you think of our new “Enchanted Forest” windows?


2 Responses to “New Christmas Windows: An Enchanted Forest…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Gorgeous… as always!!!


  2. Humperty Dumperty Says:

    Lovely windows. Well done that man. Or team.

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