In Conversation with Susie Lau…

What is the secret of a good blog?

Finding an original voice and saying something fresh. It’s such a crowded sphere and it’s really hard to make yourself heard. I’m lucky that I started quite early.

You began your blog in 2006. Why?

There’s no exciting answer. Purely out of boredom. At the time I was doing a pretty dull job that wasn’t very stimulating. I just wanted something on the side to keep up my interest in fashion. For me it was always a hobby. I did the blog for a long time with a full-time job. Susie Bubble was a nickname I’ve had since primary school that just stuck.

You were among the first wave of fashion bloggers to post photographs of yourself online. Why?

Purely to illustrate what I was talking about. So much of what I was writing was about my personal experience of fashion. I’ve always had a great interest in expressing your personality through what you wear: putting your money where your mouth is, wearing what you advocate. At this point I was using a point and shoot, photographing myself in the mirror, and then I started using a tripod. Finally I got a boyfriend, who is fortunately an obliging photographer. There is an in-joke: that all fashion bloggers need a boyfriend to facilitate their success.

What blogs do you read every day without fail?

I read The Coveted and Park & Cube. I have 400 or so. I read all the news sites first: On the Runway, T Magazine and Vogue, then personal blogs like Jak & Jill and Kingdom of Style. I like looking at new ones too.

Your name is synonymous with new media. Do you ever write with a pen and paper?

My earliest memories are of writing on paper. Now it’s something that I reserve for a handful of people. I’m not on Facebook so I write to people in Hong Kong, where my parents are from, using stationery.

People in the fashion industry  seem to have a particular affinity with stationery. Why?

I think it’s inherent in people who consume fashion media—we have an attraction to the tactile nature of printed stuff and stationery is of course one of them. You can have so many variations and the colours of the paper or the font can really say something.

Do you have a favourite Smythson product?

I like the camera cases. I used to go in the store and eye them up, and now I’ve finally got one in pink. I like anything that resembles a secret box: there could be anything inside.

Images courtesy of Nigel Shafran


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