In Conversation with Jonathan Saunders

What was the appeal of collaborating with Smythson?

It made sense straight away. I’ve always really admired the timeless quality of Smythson products—it’s just desirable isn’t it?

Their use of colour is something I feel affinity with in terms of my own label. And when I went in to the office we had a great creative meeting. They’re a brilliant team and everyone is really passionate.

How did the creative process differ from designing your own line?

Actually, what I do lends itself very well to this project, because it’s about colour and choice of materials. When I was designing the Smythson products I was in the mindset of my Autumn/Winter collection, so they are in keeping with those inspirations: an art deco colour palette, enamel, gold plate and polished brass for the clasps. The prints I drew for inside the covers reference an old school elaborate William Morris style.

What’s your preference:pen and paper or iPad™?

Pen and paper. I’m the person who thought that emails would never catch on—but I am trying to learn.

Shop the collection here

Images courtesy of Nigel Shafran


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