The Peacock Room: Our latest window inspiration

Our latest window display features new autumn/winter Lapis and Peridot collections against a backdrop of bespoke, hand-painted wallpaper created in collaboration with de Gournay.

Visual Merchandiser Marco gives us an insight into the concept behind the display:

“The inspiration for this scheme was drawn from the product itself, with the rich colours recalling the art deco era and the idea of universal beauty and aestheticism.

Created for us by de Gournay, featuring intricately hand-painted gold peacocks, the ornate, Chinoiserie-style wallpaper reflects the jewel-like opulence of our new collections (as well as our beautiful new season stationery motifs) and was inspired by the Peacock Room, an early art-nouveau “hidden pearl”, created by American, British-based artist James Whistler for the Kensington House of his patron, Frederick Leyland in 1887.

The Peacock Room is considered to be an art-deco masterpiece and one of the first examples of Anglo-Oriental art.  A celebrated attraction, it has been acquired by many galleries and museums over the years and is now installed at the The Arthur M. Sackler and Freer Gallery of Art: the National Museums of Asian Art, in Washington DC.  Find out more at

de Gournay produces the finest, hand-painted wallpaper and traditionally specialises in 18th century Chinoiserie and nineteenth century French designs.


One Response to “The Peacock Room: Our latest window inspiration”

  1. Carolina Says:

    A combination of favorite classics. Wonderful. Wished I was in London at this time to enjoy it. Cheers from Vienna!

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