Step into the future with our latest windows…

What do you think of our latest windows?

Marco Cavallini, our visual merchandiser, shares the inspiration behind them…

The concept of these windows was to play with geometry, light and design in order to give a modern and futuristic feel to complement our technology accessories.

On the back panels I’ve recreated the iconic 3D cube pattern with white fluorescent lights; the tubes and wires are exposed in order to give that raw and mechanical feel and at the same time decorate and define the geometry of the pattern. The beige background helps to soften the coldness of the lights and give a more rich and luxurious feel.

The product sits in white glossy cubes and some are standing on a tripod to give a robotic and more dynamic feel to them.

The inspiration comes from the work of talented artists such as Dan Flavin, one of the first sculptors to explore the use of neon lights, and Bjorn Dahlem, currently exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery,  who make stunning sculptures out of fluorescent light tubes,  re-inventing space and matter in order to send the viewer out to space, feeling the perfection and fragility it is endowed with.

Another source of inspiration is the iconic film “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Kubrick, with its futuristic design, spacecrafts and robots…


2 Responses to “Step into the future with our latest windows…”

  1. Casol Villas France Says:

    Love your brand! Your products, your style, marketing… Everything. Discovered Smythson looking for luxury travel blogs when your Leather Goods page appeared on Google. Thank you.

  2. Humperty Dumperty Says:

    I love Smythson but can’t help but feel that this might be ‘off brand’. Does this window really distinguish Smythson from any other high street shop?

    Still, I’m loyal to Smythson so support you always. I hope the shop window works for you.

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