Show us your Smythson: Susie Lau and the Nancy Hobo

We’re so excited to welcome iconic fashion blogger, Susie Lau of Style Bubble, as our guest this month. Today, she talks about our latest addition to the Nancy handbag family, the Nancy Hobo…

My first thought upon seeing the Nancy Hobo was “This Bag Means Business” – that’s not business as in meetings where people talk about futures and stocks.  I mean that underlying its slouchy appearance, it’s a serious bag that makes you feel like you might accomplish something in the day whilst carrying it.  I suppose that’s the line which, a lot of ‘IT’ bags carry these days to sell the notion of accomplishment to you but this is especially the case when looking at the Nancy Hobo.  It has just invaded the shop,  along with Hitchcockian inspired shadows (incidentally, who’s excited about the unearthing of 30 minutes of Hitchcock’s early oeuvre The White Shadow?).

Let’s talk leather.  There’s something quite tactile and pillow like about the softly pleated leather, that reminds me of daintier version of Chesterfield sofas.

I especially love the two Nancys who inspired the series – one being Nancy Mitford, personal authoress heroine whose books never seem to fail to cheer me up and the other being Colefax&Folower tastemaker Nancy Lancaster.

In addition to the bare essentials (I’ve got it down to – keys, lipbalm, Oyster card and Blackberry), I’ve managed to add a few bonus extras.  Hopefully both of Nancy’s namesake won’t mind a bit of modern gadgetry making it in there – all the better to blog and work on the go.  In addition, some of Mitford’s books have also been squirreled away in there as light reading material.

The Nancy hobo does seem to serve the purpose of having everything tucked under the arm in a one protective swoop.  When people say “My whole life is in that bag” (not exaggerated in the least) it stands to reason that you would want a fairly tight grasp on it which is why I’ve taken to giving the bag a bit of a bear hug.

To match the elephant grey leather shade of the bag, I’ve similarly gone for a plethora of greys to match up.


One Response to “Show us your Smythson: Susie Lau and the Nancy Hobo”

  1. David Watts (@David_M_Watts) Says:

    Looks great!

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