Zoë Ross & the “Paper Bride”…

Whether using paper, fabric or found objects, Zoë likes to incorporate a little of the unexpected in her work.  Placing emphasis on detail and precision, she creates three-dimensional pieces, applying craft skills with imagination to devise original structures and mechanisms.

Paper is a recurring material in her work. As a medium, it offers great scope for experimentation, enabling the creation of something quite out of the ordinary.  With knowledge of traditional bookbinding and sewing techniques, she is able to exploit the versatility of paper by employing these sills in an unrestricted manner.   In this way, her work plays between the boundaries of “art” and “craft”.

“In Paper Bride, the pure, crisp nature of a clean sheet of paper reflects the traditional image of a virginal bride. Like the leaves of a book, the paper invites touch, yet this is simultaneously discouraged by its apparent fragility and fear of tainting the perfect white.” – Zoë  Ross


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