Introducing Lindsay Taylor & the “Sospiri” Wedding Dress…

Our second featured artist, Lindsay Taylor, created the “Sospiri” wedding dress and “Rosa Bouquet” bridal bouquet bag for our “Royal Memorabilia” exhibition.

Lindsay takes the abundant beauty and untamed, intricate shapes of the natural world as her inspiration, working predominantly in three dimensions, weaving and winding hand-dyed natural fabrics into organic forms.

Her studio is located at the edge of a large forest on the Isle of Wight, an ideal environment for any artist fascinated by the native plants and flora that inhabit Britain’s woodland and rural landscapes.

Lindsay uses a variety of techniques including freehand machine embroidery, traditional hand embroidery, painting, dyeing, quilting, moulding, felting, sculpting, beading, trapunto, writing and appliqué. Her materials are chosen carefully for their texture, credibility and aesthetic appeal.

Lindsay says:

“British flora produces a plethora of intricate and scintillating beauty that is a constant inspiration.  Using nature’s wonders, from a newly opened bud to the decay of an old leaf, I work in three dimensions, weaving and entwining hand-dyed silk fabrics into natural forms. The association between faeries and the countryside is a very ancient deriving ultimately from nature.  These are the central themes which run through my work.”


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