Introducing Stephen Johnson…

In the run-up to the opening of our “Royal Memorabilia” exhibition next Tuesday, 19th April, we introduce each of the designers taking part.

Today, Stephen Johnson and his three wonderfully witty sculptures entitled “Now Isn’t That Lovely”…

A graduate of the Royal College of Art with an MA in Applied Art, Stephen’s work considers how function through design can exist purely for our psychological needs. By creating pieces of no physical use/value, he highlights functions ability to cater for humour and nostalgia.

He has created three sculptures entitled “Now Isn’t That Lovely” for our “Royal Memorabilia” exhibition and explains his work below:

“‘Now Isn’t That Lovely’ joins singular domestic ornaments acquired from charity shops, car boot sales and personal donations.  Nonsensical worlds of escape are created, where rabbits twice the size of dogs float amongst miniature ducks and upside down cats.  On closer inspection (or imagination permitting), impossible narratives exist within each piece, as teddies make friends with frogs and mice share their dinner with dogs.

“In this special addition of the ‘Now Isn’t That Lovely’ range, various objects have been brought together in celebration of this year’s Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. In this one collection, we see an array of Great British ‘things’ including novelty teapots, telephone and letter boxes, corgis and thatched cottages, to name but a few. The result is a wonderland of celebration,  a collection of works that mark both the joining of two people and the wonderful nation they embody.”


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