A Smythson Swedish Sommar Tårta…

Helena, our leather goods designer, baked a delicious Swedish Sommar tårta for this week’s Smythson bake club – the perfect way to welcome this week’s warm weather!

Swedish Sommar tårta – recipe

8oz Unsalted butter
8oz Caster Sugar
8oz Self Raising flour
Pinch of baking powder
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
5 eggs

Filling and topping :
1 pot double cream
Strawberry jam
1 punnet strawberries

Pre- heat the oven to 200 degrees.
Grease 2  tins with butter.
Cream the butter and sugar together. Gradually add in the eggs (use a little of the flour if the mixture curdles). Mix the baking powder into the Flour and sieve. Incorporate the flour gradually. Divide mix evenly between both tins and bake for 25-35min until a sharp knife comes out clean. Let the cakes cool.
Whip the cream till firm but not stiff (it looks nice when it is a little runny over the edge of the cake).
Cover the bottom cake with a layer of strawberry jam and then a layer of cream. Place top cake over and spread out the remaining cream.
Decorate the top layer with strawberries.

Best served directly but can keep for a day in the fridge.


One Response to “A Smythson Swedish Sommar Tårta…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    This blog is NOT helping my diet!!!

    (But, I can’t resist!!!)


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