Our new Jade windows: flamingo flights of fancy…

We’ve just installed our latest windows, as pictured in our New Bond Street, Sloane Street and Westbourne Grove stores: a vibrant display featuring spring/summer Jade and our classic White Nancy collection, accompanied by a flock of beautiful bright flamingos! (Also a new motif in out latest ready-to-write stationery range).

Marco Cavallini, our new Visual Merchandiser, gave us his take on the inspiration behind the new display:

“Flamingos are unique birds, full of beautiful contrasts, unnatural by nature; they are pretty but flexible to the point of oddity, elegant in their edginess, flamboyant, yet still pure. That to me is the perfect personification of Jade, it’s a very peculiar colour: solid and delicate, bold yet still reserved, confident in its humbleness.
Together they clash and complete each other in this sea of pleasant contradictions, bringing to life the spirit of spring with their endless shades of chromatic purity as to celebrate the infinite beauty of life.”

We think they look beautiful and perfectly timed with this week’s sunny spell – summer is definitely on the way!


2 Responses to “Our new Jade windows: flamingo flights of fancy…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Love those pink birds… and lovely leathergoods, of course!!!!


  2. Nika Says:

    They are beautiful ~ really eye catching and drew me to your window instantly! Have bought the note paper.

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