At our autumn/winter 10/11 catalogue shoot…

Our Head of Communications, Emma Woolley, blogged from our autumn/winter ’10 catalogue photo shoot in East London last week:

“Last week we were on location for our exciting new look catalogue for autumn/winter. This is the first time we’ll be stepping outside the studio and bringing Smythson products to life in a real setting, incorporating models into some shots –  so a new experience for all involved!

It definitely wasn’t all glamour and there were boxes, lots of boxes, lots of product – we had never realised how physically demanding photo shoots were until now – which was the perfect excuse to indulge in all the tasty treats on offer!

We were in safe hands with a fantastic team. Each shot was agonized over and when the winning frame was captured, it was accompanied by a relieved round of applause!


Tilly, our photographer’s dog was a constant source of comfort as she remained calm and collected whilst we ran around slightly crazed with arms full of product!

When the shoot came to an end, there was a great sense of achievement, everyone had worked so hard and bonded over lengthy discussions over ‘where that pencil should sit’ or ‘which cufflinks to use..?’

The two Js, Jack Featherby and Jonny Vantastic deserve a special mention for helping a group of girls (two pregnant) move a house full of furniture – they were our knights in shining armour!

The next part is the agonizing wait until we see the results at the end of September…we’re counting down the days!”


2 Responses to “At our autumn/winter 10/11 catalogue shoot…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Very exciting change for Smythson! I’m so looking forward to seeing the finished copy!!!

    Tilly seemed to be a very elegant first-photo-shoot mascot….


  2. Autumn/Winter has arrived… « Says:

    […] We blogged from the photo shoot back in July, and now our 2010 autumn/winter catalogue has arrived, with an exciting new photography style, alongside illustrations from our catalogue archives dating back to the early 1900s. The catalogue features much-loved classics as well as a host of exciting new additions, including new men’s collections, handbag designs and the autumn/winter 2010 Damson and Amber ranges. […]

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