Celebrating Culture & Heritage Week…

We are proud to be part of Bond Street’s Culture & Heritage Week 2010 (which takes place all this week), bringing together fashion, jewellery, arts and antiques, in celebration of Bond Street’s unique history.

We will be participating by offering guided tours of our in-store museum, featuring items from our rich and varied archive which dates back to 1887:

A few interesting facts:

– Frank Smythson opened his first shop on 29th September, 1887 at 133 New Bond Street (shown below). The company has since taken up residence in six different New Bond Street premises, most recently 40 New Bond Street, where the store can be found today.

– After World War II, many new customers from abroad only knew Smythson (then at 54 New Bond Street) as ‘the store with the blue glass door’.  Letters addressed to ‘the blue glass door shop, London’ astoundingly found their way to Smythson, examples of which can be found in the archive.

– 2012 will mark Smythson’s 125th birthday.

– The Smythson archive consists of thousands of examples of bespoke stationery, diaries, catalogues, products and customer letters, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

– Our archivist is always on the look out for new accessions – email victoriabritton@smythson.com if you have any old Smythson products you wish to donate!

– The Smythson in-store museum at 40 New Bond Street is situated in an octagonal ‘grotto’ room, designed by the architect Raymond Erith.  Conceived on Italianate lines, it is said to have been inspired by a similar interior at Rome’s Villa d’Este.  40 New Bond Street is a grade II listed building due, in large part, to this special ‘grotto’ room.


We look forward to seeing you this week!


One Response to “Celebrating Culture & Heritage Week…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Could you possibly show some detailed photos on the blog of items from your in-store museum?

    I would especially love to see items belonging to Princess Diana or anyone from the Royal Family!


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