Whimsical windmill windows…

Our newly installed window display features the new Magenta collection against a vibrant backdrop of paper windmills and butterflies…


One Response to “Whimsical windmill windows…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    I believe this is my favorite window display yet….

    What is it about those little windmills?

    As a child, I called them “pinwheels” and they were a treat to purchase on a trip to downtown Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) with my younger sister and my grandmother. Given a few dollars of pocket money, I would choose two or three of various color schemes and hold them in my hands like a precious bouquet on the busride back home.

    Then, out to the backyard, I would run with those pinwheels as fast as I was able and make them twirl. They could also be blown upon and would seem to go so fast that they might spin right off their little plastic sticks….

    Finally, the pinwheels would be planted in the ground in a little row to be simply gazed upon as the breeze touched their little sails.

    Lovely reminders of Summers past.

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