Swing into spring: new Mimosa windows…

It’s time for a new window display, this time showcasing our latest s/s ’10 collection, Mimosa.

“We used handmade tissue pom-poms to mimic the ‘puffs’ on a Mimosa flower and swings to evoke  a light, carefree mood,” says Clémence, our Senior Graphic Designer…

We made our own pom-poms  for the display – follow our step-by-step guide on how to make them  – fun to make with the children as decorations in your home…

  • Take approximately 12 sheets of tissue paper and cut to the size of flower you would like (use a whole sheet for the largest size, half the sheet for a smaller size etc).


  • Fold the sheets as a concertina and staple together – if you want to hang them up, tie a piece of string around the centre.


  • Trim around the ends to make a ‘petal’ shape.


  • Place your finger and thumb in the centre of the folded tissue paper and ‘fan’ the tissue, pulling each leaf to the centre so half point ‘upwards’ and half point ‘downwards’.



3 Responses to “Swing into spring: new Mimosa windows…”

  1. rumourpr Says:

    Lovely, as always!

  2. Betsy S. Says:

    A true burst of sunshine!!!

    And those pom-poms…..

    Years ago, I was a bridesmaid and I remember the fun we had making those as decorations that were then placed on the new couple’s going-away car! (However, we did fret quite a bit as the day turned out to be rather overcast; we hoped that the rain would hold off so that our “flowers” would not end up looking like random wads of toilet paper! Luckily, the weather was fine and our “flowers” didn’t wither!)


  3. Lydia Says:

    Those pom-poms are so cool !!! I definitely going to try making a pom-pom today and as always , your display is divine and beautiful : )

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