For Inspiration & Ideas: The Smythson Notebook

“…People turn to notebooks to sustain their inner worlds with diaries, travel journals, dream journals, or notepads for novels, scripts or music.  This is why a notebook is such as wonderful present.”

Emma Crichton-Miller explores the joys of the simple notebook in the latest edition of luxury title How To Spend It, concluding that “…the most covetable notebook of all is a Smythson.”

Sustain your very own inner world with an iconic notebook from our extensive collection, from the classic manuscript book to a pocket-sized Panama or Wafer bearing an inspirational title such as ‘Dreams & Thoughts’, ‘Bright Ideas’, ‘Wit & Wisdom’ or ‘Secrets & Wishes’


One Response to “For Inspiration & Ideas: The Smythson Notebook”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Oh, how I adore Smythson notebooks!

    I’ve been a loyal Smythson manuscript book diarist for about five years now and I swear by them. I’m not a wealthy person- in the past, I’ve bought spiral drugstore notebooks, sketchbooks of all sorts, journals with canvas covers, others with paper covers and on and on. But there came a day when I wanted a special book and so I splurged and bought a Smythson. I’ve never looked back.

    It’s not just the leather cover (mine is currently the King’s Fuchsia) nor the gilt edges nor the Royal Warrant nor the pale blue watermarked featherweight paper;
    it is, however, the pure joy of writing in a book whose reputation has stood the test of time and is truly unlike any other in the entire world. (As an aside, I love the crisp sound of the pale blue paper each time a page is turned!)

    Right now, we are living in a time of extraordinary anxiety and many are more concerned than ever about parting with hard-earned pocket money. I fall into this category, too. So, I shall divulge a secret: in order to get the most from my beloved Smythson books, I double up sentences within each ruled line on every page. Yes, that’s a lot of ink, but the paper is no worse for the extra wear!

    Writing down thoughts is a lovely thing to do- and it’s even more satisfying when those thoughts are put down in an equally lovely book!

    Thank you, Smythson, for your timeless style and outstanding quality!


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