‘The Chicest Accessory’


 Our ultra-practical Zipped Currency Case is clearly one of US Conde Nast Traveler‘s Mark Connolly’s must-haves.  On his World of Style blog, the travel bible’s Style Director writes how he navigated a hectic Fashion Week month with the help of his “super-chic, trusty” travel accessory.

CN TRAVELER IMAGE 2Personalized with his initials and the name of each fashion capital under each coloured zipped pocket, he used the case to hold currency and receipts from each destination for exceptionally easy organization, demonstrating why it’s the perfect accessory for a business trip, city break, or multi-destination holiday, keeping you organized in a truly “stylish and fiscally sound manner”.

This versatile leather case is also perfect as a handbag organizer in which to store anything from jewellery and make-up to loose change, a set of keys or an iPod …

Read Mark Connolly’s full post on Conde Nast Traveler’s Style Blog here.


One Response to “‘The Chicest Accessory’”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    On a visit to the grocery store, this could also be a trendy case for separating cash and those oh-so-important coupons….

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