Coming Soon for Autumn/Winter 09/10…

We’re gearing up for a change of season here at Smythson – here’s a glimpse of our forthcoming fashion ranges…

First up, the Malachite collection:

Inspired by the colours and textures of natural woodland and semi-precious stones, the Malachite collection features a rich, deep green shade of croc-print leather and a clasp closure made from Italian briarwood tree root with brushed gold and enamel sides.

Malachite’s association with the season of Autumn can be traced back to Greek mythology, in which the throne of Demeter, Goddess of grain and harvest, was fashioned out of the bright green semi-precious stone.

The latest issue of Elle Decoration cites Malachite as a key trend for this season, ‘making the transition from antique to modern’.


2 Responses to “Coming Soon for Autumn/Winter 09/10…”

  1. Betsy S. Says:

    Love the little “I’VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR” book!

  2. Smythson Maze Addict Says:

    The mushroom products look fab! I will start using a tea tray if I can have the mushroom one by Smythson

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