Don’t Forget Father’s Day…

June 21st may be a matter of weeks away, but why not plan ahead with a special Smythson gift, such as the latest addition to  our pocket Featherweight notebook collection, “Superdad“, which can be personalized with a name, initials or a message for an original touch.


Or how about a set of masculine motif watermarked correspondence cards complete with matching envelopes hand-lined in navy tissue paper?

For more inspirational ideas for Father’s Day, try out our handy Gift Guide or Gifts for under £100


3 Responses to “Don’t Forget Father’s Day…”

  1. Danyel Smith Says:

    kind of gorgeous.

  2. Cliff Burns Says:

    I’m addicted to writing gear: pens, notebooks…I could spend hours in a good stationery store, mucking about with the toys. This notebook (above) is gorgeous and this professional author of 20+ years salivates at the prospect of holding it in my ink-stained fingers. But the price, wow, 39 pounds. That’s something like $75 (Canadian). Am I THAT good a father? I’ll have to check with my wife and sons…

  3. Betsy S. Says:

    I wonder….

    Will William and Harry get one for Prince Charles?

    That would be nice!

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