Never Make an RSVP faux pas again…

Wedding season is fast approaching, so how about some handy tips from ‘The Smythson Guide To Everyday Stationery’ on how to reply to the numerous invitations you are bound to be inundated with?

If someone has asked you to something, it is simply rude not to say yes or no.

Replies take their cue from invitations.  If it is formal, and therefore written in the third person, it gets a third person reply.  The simple rule is to ‘echo’ the invitation and saying you can or can’t go.  (This has a practical use, it means that you confirm the details without having to compose a long, newsy letter.)

On a formal reply, the date is written below left, rather than the top right, of the body of the letter and the envelope is addressed to the woman, even if replying to a couple.

The less formal the invitation is, the less it matters how you reply.  It’s just much more charming to send a card or note, rather than emailing or telephoning.

To accept, see illustration below.


To decline:

Mr and Mrs Johnny Lamont thank Mrs Rupert King for her kind invitation to drinks on Monday 21st June but unfortunately are unable to accept.’


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