Get Ready for the Grand National with Smythson Racing Notes

British Jump Racing season is drawing to a close, with the Grand National, the world’s most famous steeplechase set to take place tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:15pm.  Keep track of races (and bets!) with the navy leather-bound ‘Racing Notes’, complete with columns for ‘Date‘, ‘Meeting‘, ‘Horse‘, ‘Amount‘, ‘Type of Bet’, ‘Odds‘ and ‘Win/Lose’, printed on Smythson pale blue watermarked Featherweight paper.

Panama Racing Notes

Meanwhile, here are a few Grand National racing facts to accompany your ‘Racing Notes’.

Did you know…The Grand National was instituted in 1839 by William Lynn, a Liverpudlian innkeeper…the maximum number of runners permissible in the race today is 40…horses have to successfully jump a total of 30 fences during the race, the tallest of which is  ‘The Chair’ at 5ft 3 inches…The Grand National’s most successful horse was Red Rum, who won the race an unprecedented 3 times in 1973, 1974 and 1977…


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