Take a peek at our boudoir-themed Raspberry window display

Here’s something to brighten up your Monday!  Feast your eyes on the beautifully decadent Raspberry collection for Autumn/Winter, featured in our latest window display.    The design for this display has an intimate ‘boudoir’ feel celebrating femininity, something which is echoed in the range itself.  Showcasing fuchsia croc-print leather with pale gold and old rose enamel fastenings, the Raspberry collection feautures everything from notebooks, diaries and purses to the statement Jewellery Cabinet (featured in today’s Daily Mail).  With a strong emphasis on beauty accessories, the collection also includes the fabulous Beauty Bureau and the new Beauty Pouch complete with its own set of mini brushes.   Embrace your own inner feminine wiles with this deliciously retro range!


2 Responses to “Take a peek at our boudoir-themed Raspberry window display”

  1. Rachael Bray Says:

    I haven’t been to Bond Street for a few weeks, so its great to see a photo of the latest Smythson window display. The Raspberry Collection looks great – time to write my Christmas wish list!

  2. Audrey Says:

    How beautiful, I want it all! And how lucky to actually live in London and get a glimpse of this. Being in the U.S. I have to get my Smythson fix through online shopping!

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