A Little Bit of Luxury goes a Long Way…

We offer a range of beautifully made products that won’t break the bank, from signature Smythson leather-bound notebooks, to fun and quirky hand-milled motif correspondence cards, not forgetting a chic and timeless selection of leather goods: card cases, jotters, mini photo frames, cute key rings, the list goes on…  Among our exciting new additions for Autumn/Winter is the chic Raspberry iPhone cover (shown below). Any of these items would make the perfect unique present, or why not treat yourself to a bit of much-needed indulgence this Friday?  From just £27, a classic Smythson Panama Diary can be yours,  have your name or initials hand-stamped onto it and carry a piece of personalized luxury with you 365 days of the year.


2 Responses to “A Little Bit of Luxury goes a Long Way…”

  1. Peter Murphy Says:

    Disappointing that the beautiful iPhone cover is no longer available. I’ve tried to order this, only to be told it’s out of stock and there are no plans to produce any more. Seems rather perverse as it’s proven to be so popular.

    I don’t suppose I can convince you to rethink?

    Peter M.

  2. Smythson Site Editor Says:

    Thanks Peter.

    You’ll be pleased to note that we are planning to reintroduce it for our Autumn/Winter 09 season.

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